File A56 7W – Airwolf


“Ranger T-7-6” aviation call-sign used in the series
“N3176S” American registration number (before Airwolf)
“D-HHSD” German registration number (after Airwolf)
“factory serial number 47085” (Bell)

All rights, but the music, belongs to NBC

This is maybe the best scenes captured on tape, in aviation history.

Airwolf with Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent) and Dominic Santini (Ernest Borgnine), cruising the world.

Airwolf was in reality flown by, maybe some of the best helicopter pilots in the world: Kevin LaRosa and Peter McKernan.

After the show, Airwolf were sadly sold. The lady ended her days in Germany, saving lives.

Other Airwolf series helicopters:

HX1 (760261 – N84SM, N521AC, N199CH, XA-VVG, N450AG, PP-MEI, C9-HEI)
According to this site: The helicopter were damaged in 2019.

Airwolf “stand-in” – tour Africa (47132 – ZS-HMD, N660DD, ZS-HMD, N222LB, OY-HIG, (DQ-AAA), LN-ODW, 9G-AEP)
According to this site: the helicopter were involved in a dramatic situation in 2015

Santini Air 206B jet Ranger (3363 – N2044C)

Several Hughes 500 C/D (N58428, N8673F, N9267F, N9276F…)

Sikorsky H-19D Chickasaw (N91AS)


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