Season 8 #Recap of #ChicagoPD is here! Can´t wait for season 10 to continue on February 15, 2025 #recap #onechicago

Voight and the rest of the Intelligence unit grapple with the revolution of police reform and COVID-19. Meanwhile, the Intelligence unit investigates a shooting that involves a five-year-old child. While dealing with police brutality, Atwater suggests not to engage in physical altercations with the suspect, to Voight’s dismay. Also, Voight is introduced to the new Deputy Superintendent, Samantha Miller (guest star Nicole Ari Parker). Later, Atwater gets into a blowup with Voight over the way the police confront suspects, and Voight tells Atwater to find another job if he wants to argue about how the Intelligence Unit runs. Later, Atwater is attacked by several unknown people and is left struggling to get back up.

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